So I’m minding my business at work on Friday afternoon, counting down until I can get the hell outta dodge, when a buddy invites me to roll with some friends to EchoStage. Apparently Kaskade was performing and it was a big deal (I didn’t realize how much of a deal it was until later). Now I’m not really into Electronica/House music (I guess they’re not calling it Techno anymore?), and I wouldn’t have known who Kaskade was other than the fact that my buddy actually knows him and had previously told me about him.

But I figured what the heck…I didn’t have any plans and we had the hook up at the door. Not to mention the fact that lately, I’ve been on this kick of broadening my horizons, getting out of the box, trying new shit, sticking my big toe in the pool…you get the idea. I’ve spent most of my adult life doing the same things, in the same way, within the same communities and the last time I partied with white folks in Dewey Beach….well lets just say “I wasn’t ready”. So yeah, I was definitely down.

Now I’ve never been one to pre party with anything more than a few drinks so this wasn’t gonna be any different. But pre party I did, and I was already in the zone when arrived. I could tell immediately that the energy was different then what I was used too. It just felt more “chill”, more welcoming then what I was expecting.

Kaskade @ Echostage

Kaskade @ Echostage

After we found a spot to post up, I bought a round of drinks, and myself a Long Island. I had pre partied with Vodka so I’m not sure what possessed me to ‘mix colors’ and get dark liquor but that was I move I would later regret.


Kaskade @ Echostage

Kaskade @ Echostage

Anyway, I was feeling good…taking in all the sights and sounds. EchoStage is HUGE and I hadn’t been inside a club of that size since Dream/Love was the hot spot back in the day. I was also surprised by how diverse the crowd was….seemed like every ethnicity was represented in full force. Another thing that impressed me was the use of the house lights and how they corresponded with the music. It was the sorta thing I had seen in movies, and was pretty cool.

From our vantage point, we had a clear view of the stage and the opening DJ.


After the Long Island kicked in, I decided to branch out and make my way closer to the stage. Kaskade was up next and I wanted to be in the mix.  As I waded through the crowd, I could feel the energy in the air. I had never seen the shuffle dance before and there were a few dudes (and females) that stopped me in my tracks.  Who knew Techno (yeah, were back to Techno) dance moves were this slick? Not me. And since I’m headed to Dubai, Istanbul and Barcelona next year, I’m thinking I might wanna pick these moves up.

But thats a mission for another night. Right now, Kaskade’s on stage and I’m feeling it.

I didn’t know any of the words to any of the songs but it didn’t matter. He was taking us on a journey. Easing into his set with a set of melo tunes before gradually ramping up the tempo (and energy).  By the time he hit his stride, there was a sea of hands in the air (including mine), swaying to the groove.  I wish I had caught it on video, but I was too deep in the zone.

We left soon after his set and I went home and crashed–tired, drunk and satisfied. I gotta admit, this show was pretty dope and think I’ll definitely be back to Echostage. This a new frontier and I’m kinda digging it.

Written by A.N.S