I hate people. Well, hate might be too strong a word. Yeah, def too strong, but it’s complicated so let me see if I can unpack this.

I’m an INTJ by nature (or maybe nurture). I remember thinking how lame “personality type” stuff was back in college, now I swear by it…funny how life brings you full circle. The Myers & Briggs Foundation is definitely on to something.

Now I’m not biased or anything, but as one of the rarest of all personality types, I think we INTJ’s are pretty swell. Sure we have our shortcomings, but we also have a slew of redeeming qualities. *insert [smiley face] here* I mean lets face it, some of the most influential people to ever walk the earth were, or are members of this tribe, but I guess one could make that argument for any personality type huh?

In any case, INTJ’s tend to be mis-understood for a number reasons and I’ve certainly tried to devote more energy to recognizing some of the offending ‘traits’ within myself as I’ve gotten older.

WE are a logical people…a tribe, if you will and we value logic more than feelings (bleh)…alot more.  So much so that sometimes our delivery of an obvious solution to a ‘problem’ or debate can sometimes come across as condescending (at best), and straight asshole-ish when things go bad. If there’s anyone in the room whose ‘opinions’ will cut through fluff like a hot knife to butter, it’s us.

Now, I’ve spent a little bit of time in the cyber world, cutting my teeth on various battlefields, mastering the art of debate (or trying to anyway). Religion, politics, sports, racial issues, science, social issues, the African Diaspora, white privilege, black apathy, conspiracy theories, anime etc. You name it, I’ve probably been in the trenches and collected a few battle scars along the way. One thing I’ve come to value above all else though, is an informed opinion–whether it aligns with mine or not. It’s not within my nature to entertain flippant one liners or verbose paragraphs from one who hasn’t bothered to educate themselves on a topic they’ve chosen to inject an opinion into.

Take politics for instance. I’ve come across quite a few folks who have strong, negative feelings towards the current POTUS and how ‘his policies are destroying America’. Thing is, and in most cases, whenever I attempt to dig deeper, when I ask for specifics, I’m usually met with deflection and conflation. Rarely an ability to name any specific ‘policies’, with the exception of the ACA of course, that can support their claims. No…what I usually get are an expression of emotions that aren’t supported by facts.

Few things irritate me more and I’ve certainly been guilty of frying more than one poor soul for this most grievous of offenses. I can’t help it…I’m an INTJ. And why should I anyway?  It takes time to develop an informed opinion on any issue really. Longer still to formulate the kind of canned, cohesive thoughts that can easily be whipped out and rapid fired across the myriad of social media outlets that were all subjected to on a daily basis.

BUT…..and this is a big BUT for me, I’ve also come to appreciate the ability to make a point without using inflammatory language (even when I’m frustrated because I know….believe I’m right).

I love interesting articles, Op-ed’s, blog posts and the like that either inform or challenge my world view. But I often find the comments section and the interaction between posters to be just as, if not more informative and entertaining, than the original write up. So while I think I have a lot to say, I’d love to hear what you think (and so would others). I wanna hear thoughtful responses though, so Ix Nay on gratuitous profanity. I, for one,  understand that sometimes there really is no better way to get a particular point across without using a little sauce. Heck I’ll even use bad word or two from time to time, but I’m not at all interested in feedback or discourse from folks who curse solely because of an inability to express themselves otherwise.

I love a spirited debate, or even a good scrap. Especially one that contributes to the evolution, reconstruction or even the rejection of an new (or old) idea. So lets keep it simple and get along.

Either that or this:

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Written by A.N.S